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Recoating - If you already have a polyurethane finish on your floor you may only need to recoat, not refinish. We can lightly sand the top finish only to remove surface scratches and worn areas. We then recoat with a polyurethane finish. We can also re-polished floors that have been waxed as well.

Refinishing hardwood floors takes time, patience, and the proper tools and techniques, but the results can be extraordinary. If your wooden floor is starting to look a little worn perhaps all you need to do is refinish it for the floor to get a shinier look again.

hardwood floors can be a costly expense, but it is necessary if you want to preserve the quality and the life of the floor. General contractors who specialize in repairing hardwood floors are a good choice if severe structural damage beneath the floor has occurred. Repairing minor hardwood floor damage, however, can be a relatively inexpensive day project for a homeowner.
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